Facing foreclosure? Don't give up.

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There are resources available to home owners who are falling behind in mortgage payments. A major program has been launched to help people in this situation, or those whose home value has fallen below the amount they have financed.

Visit "Making Home Affordable" to find out if you qualify to either refinance your existing loan(s) or have your lender/servicer modify your loan(s). This site also features answers to frequently asked questions and some other resources that you may find helpful.

If you are falling behind making payments or are struggling to make ends meet in Massachusetts, help is available. Visit your local city/town hall for information, ask a real estate professional, or talk to someone who may know where you can turn. Whatever you do, do not fall prey to the various mortgage protection scams wherein companies promise to rescue you from foreclosure. They simply do not work. We're rooting for you and are here to help.

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