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 Now, I know that I want to be helpful to people, but there has to come a time when I weight things in the balance, and decided if it is worth it to me to help someone. For example, I had a very good client refer a relative to me, and to make a long story even longer, this individual would like me to represent them on the sale of a $19,000 mobile home in a park. Okay, even if'n I was to receive 3%, this is like what, 300 bux? Now, there are certain liabilities that attach themselves to every thransaction I undertake. The legal ramifications of assisting the buyer of a mobile home built in 1967 certainly far outweigh the renumeration of the transaction. The problem is, there is not even any compensation offered on this property, as it is not in the MLS.

Now, I could be a nice guy, and try to help them for free, but is it really worth it? Maybe it would be more responsible of me to give them a FSBO book and a buyers book, and say "Good Luck!" I do not want to get myself embroiled in this mess for no renumeration, and possibly get into more trouble than the whole shebang is worth.

I could, and this is where my question arises, explain this very thing to these potential clients, and say that their proposed transaction falls well below my minimum standards for service. However, does this make me look greedy? They may think I just don't want to help them because of not receiving a lucrative commission.

What say you? . . . .

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Jim Johnson
PAR Real Estate, Inc. - Westminster, CO
I say every person has an area where they are expert, and yours is not mobile homes. I tend to shop for shoes and clothing at Nordstroms not wall mart, I do shop at wall mart but for different items. You might say it is a bit like playing on a team. Every player has a position and yours is servicing the homes between $400,000 and 2.5 million. It is your comfort zone. you know that market and the people that are in that category of wealth. For some they are better suited with an agent that services the 80,000 to 250,000 zone, or 2.5 million and up. If you stick with what you know, you will not waste your time or your clients. For me... my methods are wasted on residences, but if your looking for a investment property... I am the guy. 
Oct 16, 2006 03:39 PM