Know your Numbers

Real Estate Agent with McDaniel Callahan

Just a simple series of questions.

1.  What percentage of time do you prospect?

        Time spent on generating New clients

        Time spent on Evangelizing your current client base

2.  If you only had time and money to do three, what are the three prospecting methods?

         What methods don't work for you?

3.  What are the ranked results of each method based on revenue, then time, money and energy and finally your net revenue?

4.  What method is the most productive and effective?

        If you only had time and money to do only one, what is the most productive given your limited time, money and energy?

5.  Why do you believe this is the most productive method in securing new clients?

6.  Your word of advise to give to new agents and old agents needing instruction, insight and encouragement?

7.  Do you currently have a coach?   Who and how effective?

8.  Do you have a current Prospecting Plan with action items, dates and specific goals and objectives?

9.  Do you have an accountability group?   If so,  your thoughts and ideas to make your accountability most effective?

10.  Do you personally generate your leads or does your company or team members generate your new leads?  Your thoughts and ideas.

I'm researching and writing a series of blogs and articles on Knowing your Numbers.   If you have a Prospecting Plan, I would like to see yours.  If you send yours, I will send mine.  I did $80,000,000 in volume with three people.  I'm researching what others are finding that works and what doesn't.  If you have numbers or research on prospecting systems and ranked conversion from "contact to prospect, prospect to buyer or seller" and the expected referral generation from your contact base including past and present clients, friends and family, business and social contacts and social web opportunities, I would appreciate your insight and suggestions. 


I'm not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed and the number of I succeed is in direct  proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep trying........... Never, never ever give up....


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