Frustrated About Your Home Value?

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We don't ever like to think of our home as a negative. With every investment there will be ups and downs in the market.


In today's market most lenders are requiring an upfront deposit at the time of application. This deposit amount will get credited towards your closing costs when the loan funds. If an appraisal is completed and the value is not high enough to accomplish your financing goals, then the deposit you paid upfront will cover the appraisal cost. It is important as a consumer to understand that there is a possibility that your upfront cost could be as much as the deposit that you agreed to.


There are a couple ways you can get an estimated value indication.


•·        Your current tax assessment

•·        Going to an evaluation website such as; Zillow, or Trulia, to name a couple

•·        Watch the current sales/foreclosures in your neighborhood

•·        Pay for a value opinion from a local appraiser, this could run you anywhere from $25-$50


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