An evening in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

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Last night was such a typical Vermont Northesat Kingdom evening it just has to be written about.  Our brass quintet was scheduled to play at the Old North Church in Danville.  This is a building on the historic register.  It has no electricity or plumbing but there is a new "two holer" back in the woods.  Light comes from kerosene lamps and heat is a wood stove.  On the last Sunday of the month from May to November they have an old fashioned hymn sing.  Since the theme for the night was patriotic we were to play mostly marches. During the afternoon a front blew through, dropped the temp by 20 degrees, and rained and hailed.  But we the dedicated musicians set off for our gig over the back roads canopied with bright spring green leaves glistening from the rain. Less than a mile from the church we were turned back by a road full of downed trees and volunteer firemnen with chain saws.  After some backtracking over roads with spectacular views we arrived at our destination.  It was "shiverie" and a little challenging for brass instruments but the crowd was enthusiastic.  There were attendees from the local area and as far away as Portland, Oregon.  Good old fashioned fun with no more expense than some gas to get there and a little excitement on the way.  Oh so Vermont.  Ok, I admit it -- a nostalgia attack.

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