Summer in the Mountains

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It has definitely been a turbulent time in the foothills of Colorado.  We had a whole winter where there was hardly any snow and nice crisp temperatures.  Now, for almost three months, we seem to have had an endless array of precipitation. 

It seems like every weekend, Dev and I have to rush to go hiking or canoeing in the morning before the endless downpour that is sure to come in the afternoon.  It seems like the rains will never end.  But, then you look around and everything is green and starting to bloom.  I can't remember a summer when everything seemed so vibrant.

In our garden, our peony and hosta are just starting to peep through the dark covering of gravel and soil.  The hummingbirds are starting to flutter around with endless speed and color.  Stellar's Jay fight with finches to get at the ever-depleting bird seed.

It seems that summer has truly taken over its reign.  Have a happy summer!

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We don't have many rainy days in Southern California.  I enjoyed reading about yours, and hope the sunshine of summer will soon shine upon you.

Jun 13, 2009 06:51 AM