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Quail Ridge - Florida Golf Community has record sales!

Managing Real Estate Broker with Quail Ridge Country Club Realty, Inc.

Ah, the lazy days of summer are upon us, except the real estate office has been very busy indeed!  As I write this, we have had 38 sales since January 1st! 2008 had 33 sales for the year....

A big THANK YOU to all of you who refer your friends and family to us.  Quail Ridge has always relied on its current members as the best source for new members and that continues to be the case.  To me, there is no bigger compliment than a referral from you!  Your enthusiasm and support is greatly appreciated and actively sought.  Did you know that supporting your member-owned real estate office also benefits you financially?  Our real estate office generates an annual profit, which goes to the POA and helps keep the amount of your quarterly assessments in check.

How do you tell the Quail Ridge "story" to your friends?  One of our members recently summed it up quite accurately in my opinion.  His son had been visiting him here at Quail Ridge and marveled at the fun lifestyle and many activities that are planned.  "I'm so happy for you - It's as if you and your friends are part of a big day camp for adults", he said.  The father relayed this to me saying "You know how smart the younger generation is, he was dead on! In a short sentence he summarized everything about this place."   There is so much to love here - flowers putting on a spectacular show, top notch golf and tennis, smiling faces of friends and staff, memorable parties and intimate dinners.......

The Quail Ridge story still has many chapters to write!  Seasons yet to come, new friends to be made, fun times and special memories...quite a page turner indeed!

Attractive prices and a great selection on homes plus a tremendous membership value are available - so don't delay.  Have you visited the real estate section of the new website?  All our listings are there, along with beautiful photography & virtual tours.  You can also view the recent and pending sales.  Just click "real estate" - "view listings" - "click here to view recent sales". 

Legislative update:  Keep an eye on SB 532 by Sen. Evelyn Lynn (R-Ormond Beach).  

Property Tax Limit:  The State Constitution generally limits the maximum annual increase in the assessed value of nonhomestead property to 10 percent annually. This proposed amendment reduces the maximum annual increase in the assessed values of those properties to 5 percent annually.

As always, we invite you to call us at any time to discuss our services. We are here to assist you in making a smooth transition, whether moving in... out.... or just across the street in Quail Ridge.