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Neighborhood Cleanup here in Bulverde

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Well, our first ever, "Cleanup Shepherds Ranch" campaign has come to an end and all of you who participated deserve a large pat on the back.

Your contributions to the neighborhood are extremely noticeable.

There were some who did a little and some who did a lot and we want to thank you all for making our neighborhood sparkle.   

Of course, we have some over achievers who deserve to be mentioned (sorry, no prizes this time), such as the Crafts who mowed for miles (seemed like) and E. Olaez who carries an HEB bag around while she walks (great idea) to pick up small trash and many others.. Thank you so much.

Our campaign was a great success!

 This is really only the beginning of an ongoing effort to constantly help each other as neighbors.
Whether it be picking up the garbage (or wheeling the empty can back off the street as Dalan Hargrave did for me when I was away on a 3-day weekend the other day) or loaning someone a potato (I asked Brian & Lynette Mathis if he had an extra potato we could borrow and they gave me almost a whole bag), we are neighbors and that's what we should be doing for each other.

Several of you are working on a neighborhood directory and I think that is great, because we need to include everyone who wants to be included.
Some of you have opened your doors up to the neighborhood and thrown parties. Keep it up. I love parties.
I have also noticed a lot more people waving as we pass each other on the road, just like the old days.
That's what it's all about. Reach out and help each other. BTW, The Hursts will be painting their house shortly and... only kidding J.

I look forward to continuing our efforts and if anyone has any ideas to share, we would love to hear them.

Thanks again for your contributions and pray for rain.


Rob & Cindy Hurst