Memorial Day...a day to remember!

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This morning on the way to the office I stopped by the local cemetary. I like to do this on Memorial Day...the site of the boy scouts and the veterans working side by side making sure all the veteran's graves have flags always gives me a chill. This morning I was able to watch the flags go up on the "Avenue of Flags" winding through the cemetary...I stopped to think about all our men and women in uniform.

I don't care what your politics are...I don't care how you feel about the WAR in is a day to remember the sacrafices made by all the veterans. Today is also a day to remember those in uniform...they do what they do because of a fundamental belief that they are helping to preserve and defend this great country of ours!

As I walked through the cemetary this morning...I took time to remember.Flag

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Halifax, NS

Every military member is a hero in my books.  Simply being in the military brings about the possibility of going to war and serving in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore signing up is a tremendous act of selflessness on their part.  It is heartbreaking that so many have given their lives.  I can't imagine the pain of the families but they should be equally as proud.  No soldier dies in vain.

May 28, 2007 11:58 AM
William J. Archambault, Jr.
The Real Estate Investment Institute - Houston, TX


I would like to say something profound, but what can be more so that one lonely flag in a neglected cemetery.

Thank you for sharing.


May 28, 2007 02:06 PM