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Dryer Vent Cleaning for the Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

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Dryer vent cleaning promotes proper air-flow, improves the efficiency of your clothes dryer and prevents dryer fires. 


Lint build-up is the likely cause of a dryer taking more than one cycle to properly dry your laundry.  As drying time increases and your dryer continues to labor the system becomes overheated because the hot air cannot escape through clogged vents.  This increases energy consumption and it is a fire hazard.


If you notice your dryer taking longer than usual to dry your laundry then it is time for dryer vent cleaning.  This is not a sign that your clothes dryer is worn out.    When air flow is restricted the moist heat cannot escape the dryer drum; therefore, it would make sense that the clothes would not dry. 


Some dryer vents are short and straight and can easily be cleaned by the homeowner; others are quite long, depending on where your laundry room is located.  Some dryers are vented through a stack on the roof; others are vented through an outside wall. 


Extra long dryer ducts that make several turns may require special tools and equipment to properly clean.  A professional who specializes in dryer vent cleaning will have the tools needed to do the job. 


Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year to prevent fires, extend the life of your dryer and help save on energy costs.  This said the fee for the service is well worth the savings it promotes in the long-run.


Gina M. Fazil is a franchise owner/operator of Dryer Vent Wizard (DVW), Dry Clothes, Safe Homes, a home service franchise based in Sacramento, CA.  DVW specializes in dryer vent cleaning, repair, replacement and alterations. DVW services keep dryers functioning properly, prevent dryer fires and reduce energy costs.  Read Gina's blog at http://dryerventcleaningsacramentoca.blogspot.com/  for dryer maintenance tips.




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