Monroe County Property Tax Update - Bills In the Mail

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Here's an update on the situation with real estate taxes based upon actual knowledge and an informal telephone survey made yesterday.

The Monroe Country Treasurer mailed property tax bills Friday May 29th. We are now using the 2008 pay in 2009 real estate tax amounts for all payments and prorations. The first installment of Monroe County taxes is due Friday June 26th.

Greene County property tax bills are mailed and the first installment is also due June 26th.

Owen County property tax bills were mailed in April and their due date was the statutory May 10th.  Congratulations to Owen County-one of the few to be on time. Payments made after May 10th are subject to a ten percent penalty.

Lawrence County is awaiting approval of their tax rate. Once their rate is approved they will establish a due date for taxes. Until their rate is approved, we will continue to use 2007 pay 2008 tax amounts for all prorations.

Orange County is in the same situation as Lawrence County.

Brown County is still a year behind and holding.

I will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

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