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I think my home valuation is high, now what?

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In today's Omaha World-Herald there was an article, "A Guide to home valuation protest" was in the Omaha World-Herald in today.  Here is a link for the entire article http://budurl.com/protestvaluation

If you feel your home valuation is high, there are three things to consider if you are going to file a protest.

1.  Condition of Your Home.  If you believe your home's condition would cause your valuation to be less that the counties assessed value you will need to provide evidence in the form of photos or repair estimates.

2.  Your Neighbor's Valuation is Lower Than Yours.  Compare the valuation of your home to other similar homes in your neighborhood.  The evidence you will need to provide can be in the form of a private appraisal or information about recent sales in your neighborhood.

3.  Inaccurate County Records.  If the information on the county records for your home are incorrect you  will need to provide evidence in the form of photos, a purchase agreement or private appraisal.

There are important dates to remember.  During the month of June you can protest your valuation by completing a form which must be postmarked by June 30th.  The county board will vote on protest recommendations during the month of July.

For a property valuation protest form or for a list of comparable sales in your neighborhood please contact me and I will be happy to provide you with information that may assist you in lowering your property valuation.