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Hi my name is Mike Lafido- I am the creator of the Realty Coaching Club. I know that based on my experience as a part-time real estate agent, you can have tons of success without quitting your day job (ok at least not yet).

Follow along with me as I teach you everything you need to know about being successful in real estate working only 12 hours a week.

Here's a little about me:

Michael LaFido is a highly successful Realtor in the Chicago area.  Having perfected an approach to the business that eliminates cold calling, and creates high income without trading off his lifestyle. Most Realtors find it hard to believe he earns his high 6-figure income working part-time (He is also a full-time high school pe teacher and football coach) and turning his phone on only between 3pm and 5pm during the week and keeping it off on most weekends.

He coaches other Realtor professionals across the country on marketing, sales, client relationship & management, and referral marketing.  His marketing and systems are radically different from all the sales & marketing methods used in the Realtor industry. Michael has uniquely combined coaching with the right to use his marketing materials and systems, and with his VIP club he accepts only one Realtor in a specific geographic area as a client, essentially "cloning" everything he's doing so successfully city by city, town by town, throughout the United States.

Michael LaFido is introducing a radically different, revolutionary system for gathering qualified clients and guaranteed to create a constant stream of new referrals, flooding your pipeline with qualified buyers and seller prospects right now!

Mike states "I am so confident that my realty marketing, client building; internet marketing secrets can skyrocket your business and create the lifestyle you envisioned when you first got into this business! That is why I've created my brand new FREE CD titled" - 

"The 9 Costly Mistakes Most Realtors Make and the Secrets You Need To Know to Avoid Them!"

 If you would like your free copy of this CD, just go to the website and enter your request. Please visit:  www.SellMoreRealEstateToday.Com

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