Robins Everywhere

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Baby robins are hatching everywhere this time of year and my yard is no exception.  Sitting down for a relaxing night of TV watching my neighbor comes to let me know baby birds have fallen out of a tree in my front yard and are laying on the ground.  Two little birds, one looking for some food from mommy bird and one in the peaceful forever sleep.  Getting a shoe box I scoop the little baby up, he has no feathers and can only move his neck up and open his mouth for food.  As we decided what to do with this bird as we can not put it back in the tree, plus we see no nest, we hear frantic chirping.  Following the noise we find another baby bird, this one full of feathers and hopping all over the yard.  Did they come from the same nest?  They are so different in size and stage of development.  Where is that other shoebox I had?  Two birds in two shoe boxes later we call animal control to find out what to do with these birds.We can't leave the older of the birds in the yard.  There is a ferral cat who loves to leave dead things in the yards for our children to find on the way to school.

30 minute drive later we are at a nice brick ranch home where some local residents nurse injured or lost birds back to health.  We walk up to the porch and see a glass room full of many different kinds of flying birds as well as some chickens pecking the floor.  Who knew you could have chickens in the house in Virginia Beach!  We left the birds on the porch knowing that the residents were home and would take good care of the little things.  Good deed done for the day we headed home.




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