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This is important news for anyone looking to rebuild their credit. Payment Reporting Builds Credit, more commonly known as PRBC, is a credit bureau. Most people are unaware that while their credit scores are based on information reported on the big three, Experian, Trans Union and Equifax, these three bureaus can get their information from other lessor known bureaus. One of them being PRBC.

OK, so why is this good news? You as an individual can sign up with PRBC at no cost, and have your rent payments, utility bills, phone bills, and even your cable bill reported to PRBC. This will build a credit file. For a small fee, and at your request, PRBC will verify the accuracy of the information. Additionally, Fair Isaacs Corporation, the same people who generate your FICO credit scores for the big three, is working with PRBC to produce a PRBC credit score.

Want to have your payments automatically reported to PRBC? You can sign up for a Secured Credit Card from VR-Tech Marketing and it will report everything you pay using the card. The card will look and act just like a credit card, but will be funded with your money. After six months of payments you can apply for an unsecured credit line. This unsecured line will also report to the big three. So, if you have been struggling and looking for a way to build your credit, you have just discovered the answer.

Want More? HUD will recognize the PRBC when evaluating you for a home loan. Yes, the FHA is strongly supportive of this effort. So if you have previously been invisible to the credit scoring companies, and want to change that situation, you now can.

If you would like to view a video about the PRBC visit: WATCH THE PRBC VIDEO.

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Written By:
Steven Ciantro
Member National Association of Credit Counselors
American Debt Enders

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Anthony Stokes-Pereira
Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty - Nanuet, NY

Hi Steven;

Great information for people who need help with credit repair.

Jun 04, 2009 02:35 AM
Steven Ciantro
American Debt Enders - Lynbrook, NY

Thanks Anthony,

      Please feel free to pass it on!

Jun 04, 2009 03:34 AM