Who wants to have some fun?

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I originally recorded this video last week, after reading Matthew Ferrara's post Points of PerceptionIn his post, Matthew proposes that the reason today's home-buyers are still sitting on the proverbial fence, despite; abundant inventory, lower home prices and historically low mortgage rates; may be because the "process" of buying a home today is not fun!

This got me to thinking:

What could I, as a local real estate broker, do to get the message out; buying a home today, in Toms River, NJ, can be alot of fun!  So, here's what I came up with.  Please let me know what you think:

Click here to watch the video, "Who wants to have some fun?"

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Rebecca Levinson, Real Estate Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant
Real Skillz-Clear Marketing for Your Real Estate Vision - Lake Geneva, WI

I do believe that perception is reality.  I don't know so much about how the process "isn't fun" and that's why buyers are sitting on the fence.

I do like that you made a video based on your thoughts around this concept.

Jun 05, 2009 02:28 AM
Jim Flanagan
Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty - Toms River, NJ

Hi Rebecca,

It's just a hypothesis; the "fun" aspect that is.  But I am pleased you thought it made for a "fun" video.



Jun 05, 2009 03:07 AM
Phillip Cross
TBD - In transition... - Seal Beach, CA
ePRO Realtor - Relocation Spec

Jim -

Great Vid - I need to get on board with those. Anyway, great message and I certain hope WE ALL see a change to a FUN market!

Jun 09, 2009 07:45 AM
Jim Flanagan
Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty - Toms River, NJ


Thank you.  All you need is a FLIP video camcorder, tripod and sense of humor.

Let's start having fun out there!

Jun 09, 2009 11:23 AM