Are Commissions Negotiable When You Sell a Home?

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I've had many people ask me online and in the real world "how much is your commission?"  I never give a direct answer but I always tell them...It's negotiable.  I work with your needs and not a set price across the board.

The old school Realtors always stick to their "full service percentages" or their firm requires a minimum fee/commission percentage so they don't have flexibility.  I had a closing yesterday that also had a $150 document processing fee after the seller paid 6% commission to sell the home.  Geeze!

Flexibility to work and help my clients save money was a major reason I opened a small firm that allowed the Realtor to control their bottom line, not the firm.  I feel the public needs to understand that they have options.  There is no such thing as a set fee or standard commission.  Actually, its illegal to have ALL agents charge the same thing. 

I'm not saying that Realtors don't work hard and earn 5-7% percent sometimes, but there are situations that a home will sell itself.  It won't take a ton of effort to sell it.  Is it fair that a seller in that position has to pay 6%?  What if the seller stumbles on a buyer driving by...if the seller brings the buyer to the table, do you charge a full commission and double end that as an agent?

Lots of things to consider...every sale is different.  If I had a crystal ball and knew how much effort was needed to sell a home, I'd be rich and I'd have some satisfied sellers with exact time lines!

So Mr. or Ms. Home Seller...go ahead and ask, is your commission negotiable?


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