Saturday rain out...rats

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With 2 games scheduled at 11:00 AM I go one way my wife goes the other.  Just as we back down the driveway at 10:00...on come my wipers.  Girls softball already canceled.

Weatherman says last night "a few passing storms, 30% chance of rain, most of the rain will be North of the Metro."  yeah right

By 10:15 we are seeking shelter in the dugout.  Moderate rainfall...the sky looks like it will be going on for a while.  The game is called off...we start calling parents hoping to head them off before they depart.

"Can you come at 1:00 on Sunday?  We need to reschedule."

Looks like we can get 10 of 13.  Pretty cool...we played one game this year with 8.  Then an injury and we are at 7 for one inning.

As we head for the van I recall Charlie Brown saying "Where is everyone going?  Are you gonna let a little rain stop us from playing?"  "Rats."

2 opens on Sunday...I'm gonna miss my first game. rats


         hey the sky is getting lighter...maybe we can get up to the batting cage


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