Get off your Fax!

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Breaking News (but not really...)-

FAX is Dying!


With the advent of VoIP (voice over Internet) scanning, and SmartPhones, it's MUCH more efficient to scan & e-mail or even share directly via GoogleDocs, MS Groove, or a number of other file share apps available now. FAX currently has MAJOR issues over IP, along with security issues that we won't go into here.


Traditional fax is, well, leaving much to be desired for quality, whereas scanning gives you a choice of clarity, color, file size, and even format to be posted elsewhere if needed. We've all had to translate those blurry vision killers that were faxed back & forth..... (the buyerer wants Whaat?!?!??)

What about MLS DocFax service?

It's limited, and still subject to integrity issues. Depending on their setup, it could be very limited, so Get your own scanner - they are relatively inexpensive, and readily available.


At the end of it all, you have a complete, seearchable e-doc file ready to archive!

Bye Bye Bankers boxes in the attic-  I love it!


With all the short sales, REO's and "difficult" type transactions currently flooding us, I was fortunate enough to find a Title co. that was totally electronic. Fortunately, the other agent was on e-time as well

Kudos to them and the other agent, we actually closed a "difficult" short sale with DUAL lenders in 23 Days!

So make things easy on yourself, yyour clients, and everyone involved-

Friends don't let friends Fax!!

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