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There’s a lot of money running through Zurich. Not only is it the commercial and cultural center of Switzerland – and of home of the Swiss bank account – but it’s also home to the stock exchange and headquarters of countless large national and international companies. Often voted one of the highest ranked cities in the world when it comes to living standards, Zurich isn’t just well loved for it’s proclivity to entice money; it’s known for it’s cleanliness and natural beauty. Located on the scenic Lake Zurich relatively close to the Swiss Alps, Zurich is often the first stop visitors make in Switzerland and is frequently dubbed “the portal to the Alps.” And as the largest city in Switzerland – with a population nearing a million – Zurich boasts plenty of attractions worthy of its esteemed financial system.

Those hoping to take advantage of Zurich’s fantastic natural scenery should check out Lake Promenade which provides visitors with a lengthy board walk and plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy a picnic or a nap. Zurich is also home to ancient architecture on par with some of the best in Italy or France. Check out the Grossmünster, Zwingliplatz – an aging Romanesque church built in 1519 – or Fraumünster, Kämbelgasse – which features some exquisite stained glass window paintings from the renowned artist Marc Chagall. Of course, the winter months mean skiing, and Zurich – with its already mentioned proximity to the Alps – is a great base camp for the eager skier and snowboarder. Wanna get a great view of Zurich without having to scale the Alps? Well take a ride aboard the Polybahn – a 19th century funicular that takes visitors to an elevated point for a breathtaking 360 degree view of the city. And for the woman (or man) with taste for the finer things in life, shopping at the Bahnhofstrasse – famous for being one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the entire world – will satiate any shopping itch one might have.  Several of us at Viscape are feeling itchy right now. ;)

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