Lockbox Showings at an all time HIGH!

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GREAT NEWS...Lockbox showings are at an all-time high (since data collection began in July 2007) with 32,783 in May - up nearly 9% from April. Daily showings average at 1,058 according to today's NJMLS. ;)

I have been experiencing the same, with showings increased on each of my listings. AND, I have been out with buyers daily. Recently, I have been in two multi-offer bidding situations on area homes. Homes are priced more reasonably, seller's are negotiable and buyers are getting more educated about the type of offers to make on a home.

Let's face it. Bergen County is NOT like any other area of the country. First, there is the supply and demand of homes priced under $900,000. If they are priced well --- they sell. Second, people have to live in this area because of jobs, schools, colleges, airports, etc. Third, the taxes ( although many do balk at this) are very reasonable given the quality of schools, roads, airports, water supply, municipal amenities like paid police & fire, sewers, astro-turf fields, etc.

There is a lot of activity now compared to last year. The stock market has shown quite a bit of life; spring has brought some new green into the area; there is more positive news; and, you never can time the market --- real estate or stocks. Do you want to buy at the HIGH or buy now...when it is at an all time low...Let me know what you think...about real estate in Bergen County or your area.

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