What services do agents want?

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I am inundated with email from companies offering the moon to agents.  Some offer a very low monthly fee and limited or no services to the agent.  Others offer a higher fee and some services to the agents.  That got me to wondering.  What do agents really want from their broker?  Is it all based on price or do services have any impact on a company that an agent wants to work with?  I know there are some differenxes by state at the responsibilities of a broker but I am just trying to find out what is really desired in the market place.  I am sure it also varies somewhat by the agent and expierence level.

there are several good business models out there from traditional real estate compnaies to companies that offer almost total freedom.  In many the managing broker is very involved and in some I would say the broker is lucky to even know the names of the licenses they are holding.

I personally believe there are many different ways to 'skin a cat' but my question is

What does an agent want from his company and broker?

What services do you pay for as an agent and what services does your compnay pay for?

Just a couple of questions and I hope someone will respond with an opinion.



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Chuck Licari
100% Realty, Inc. - Fort Walton Beach, FL

Depends on the agent's experience level. For an experienced agent my list would include:

1. Ability to make their own business decisions.

2. Broker available when agent needs a broker.

3. Broker advice to help solving problems.

4. E&O insurance.

100% Thanks, Chuck Licari, CRB  Broker


Jul 07, 2010 05:13 AM