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Whether you prefer to invest in stocks or mutual funds; local or international, REITs offer a positive return


Miami, FL - When it comes to investing in real estate, people often picture them selves purchasing, owning and managing property.  Often, new investors don't have the funds to purchase large pieces of commercial or residential property, though they may have a few hundred or thousand dollars to invest.  Others cringe at the idea of owning real estate and being landlords.


Earl E. Bird, III, spokes person for the, was recently interviewed; he explained how one can invest in real estate without the headache.  He explained, "Instead of purchasing the property, one can invest in REITs, which are essentially real estate mutual funds. Instead of buying and managing property, you buy shares in a real estate management group that will purchase and maintain the income producing property and distribute at least 90% of their earnings to shareholders in the form of dividend payments."


Earl went on to explain how REITs are not only secure real estate investment options, but they are also just as liquid as the stocks and bonds that many stock market investors are used to.


When asked if REITs are a secure investment in today's economy, Earl said, "Most financial advisors recommend having at least 10% of your portfolio associated with real estate.  Those investments are more secure than other stocks and mutual funds.  While a swing of the market can wipe you out on other investments, real estate will hold up through the tough times."  Earl has written over 100 articles about REITs and real estate mutual funds.  To read more about real estate investing, visit Earl's blog at is an online brokerage information site specializing In REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds - The World's first and only site dedicated to REITs Real Estate Mutual Funds.   This is a place for the small investor to own a piece of world class real estate. 

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REITs­ came about in 1960, when Congress decided that  smaller investors should also be able to invest in large - scale, income-producing real estate. It determined that the best way to do this was the follow the model of investing in other industries -- the purchase of equity.


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