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Indianapolis, IN - Investors want two things; a return on their money and their investment to be secure.  When it comes to trading on the stock market or purchasing mutual funds, these two things cannot be guaranteed.  There is no way of knowing if the company is going to have a bad quarter or fail altogether.  According to Earl E. Bird, III, spokes person for the, the only way to be sure you will not lose everything is to add real estate to your investment portfolio.


Earl said, "Even if the bottom falls out of the real estate market, real estate that has been purchased is a tangible asset; therefore, while there may be losses in a major downturn, you won't lose everything.  Often in this case, if you hold on for a while, it will all bounce back and you'll be seeing dividends again like nothing ever happened."


Real estate investors are discovering a new way to invest in real estate.  Rather than tying up a lot of money by purchasing a property outright, they are turning to real estate mutual funds and REITs.  This means they simply purchase shares that go into a collective fund which is used to purchase and maintain commercial and residential buildings.


Earl explained, "The way a REIT works is that the real estate management group makes a profit which they distribute to its shareholders.  The law dictates that they must pay out at least 90% of the profits; therefore, even during a major downturn in the economy, investors will see a return on their investment.  The other 10% goes back into the management of the properties, improvement and expansion to allow even more return on future investments." is an online brokerage information site specializing In REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds - The World's first and only site dedicated to REITs Real Estate Mutual Funds.   This is a place for the small investor to own a piece of world class real estate. 

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