REITs offer Opportunity to Invest in Detroit Real Estate without the Hassle of Ownership

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REITs allow the benefits of owning property and making a profit without holding title and having to maintain the property


Detroit, MI - Earl E. Bird, III is an expert in real estate investing and REITs.  At a recent meeting with a group of real estate investors, Earl explained how REITs work.  "Instead of having to own and maintain a piece of property, you purchase a share in a real estate management group of at least 100 shareholders who pool their money to be used for real estate development.  Unlike other types of mutual funds, at least 90% of the profits from residential rental properties and commercial leases must be distributed to the shareholders."


The investors were intrigued with the idea of making a profit from income-producing properties without the pressures of ownership.  Worn out landlords now have another option available.  No more having to evict bad tenants; no more middle of the night emergencies when tenants call because the heat isn't working or the plumbing is leaking.  The days of repairing damages caused by negligent tenants are over. 


Earl said, "Though you may not make a quick fortune in REIT investing, it is a steady way to see income.  As a matter of fact, some people, like Ivana Trump, count real estate as the only place to invest money.  She was quoted as saying ‘I made a tremendous amount of money on real estate.  I'll take real estate rather than go to Wall Street and get 2.8 percent.'  I recommend looking into REITs to diversify your investment portfolio."  Read articles by Earl Bird at


Real estate investors can learn about REITs at the is an online brokerage information site specializing In REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds - The World's first and only site dedicated to REITs Real Estate Mutual Funds.   This is a place for the small investor to own a piece of world class real estate. 

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