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Original content by Jeff R. Geoghan

Bare Financial Services, Lancaster PA financial serviceI'm proud to announce a new partner of the YourLancasterHome.com Real Estate team - Bare Financial Services will be providing financial advisory services to our clients in a new program, which I'll be publishing a press release on this week.  In the meantime, Jeremy Walter of Bare Financial posted his June "Monthly Minute" newsletter and I liked the lead story.  It's a list (who doesn't like lists?) of ways that you can find to give more in a creative fashion.  Here's the list:

1. Give a "donation loan" in which the recipient repays you by donating the "loan" to someone else

2. Pay for someone's gas next to you at the gas station

3. Loan a family car when it's not being used to a family who needs it

4. Offer to drive people needing transportation to doctor appointments, airports, etc.

5. Donate unused air conditioning window units to a family who needs one

6. Purchase a restaurant gift certificate and offer free babysitting to new parents

7. Give out change at local laundromats and talk to the person while waiting for their clothes to wash/dry

8. Create scholarships to pay for events a family couldn't usually afford (church events, summer camps, mission trips)

9. Spend a Saturday morning looking for a moving van and offer to help the family move their belongings

10. In addition to a monetary gift to a local ministry, offer to volunteer regularly on a fixed day of the week or month either in their office or ministry field

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Bob & Bonnie Horning
Mount Joy, PA

Lauren, I was just perusing through some local folks blogs... and I found this post as one of the most mentionable and just awesome insight. Very creative indeed. Blessings and I wish I could feature this somewhere that more people would absorb it!

Kudos, Blessings,


Jul 28, 2009 04:17 AM