Homebuyers Toolbox

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Goal: To give buyers more tools to evaluate and pre-filter a property within a few minutes and get them to the "Lets Go See It" or "Skip It" point.

AFTER I have already pre-filtered the list of properties they are looking at based on their preferences, I wish to add the evaluation tools.


1. Price Range
2. Property Type (Single Family, Condo, Townhouse)
3. Area
4. Minimum Number of Bedrooms
5. Minimum Number of Baths
6. Minimum Living Area Sq. Footage
7. Do you prefer a normal lot or do you require a large lot
8. Do you prefer a pool
9. Are there any other criteria that are important to you

Hombuyers Evaluation Tools so far:

1) Look at the average dollar per sq. ft. living area for the neighborhood (provided by agent), and see if it is overpriced or priced well.

2) Look at the average Days on Market for the area, to see if the market area is slowing.

3) Do a Virtual drive-by of the property with Google Street View (where available).

4) Look at the area with google maps sattelite view to see if it is close to commercial areas, busy streets, or other criteria that they may or may not prefer.

So far this has been a great help to buyers in getting them to the 80% category (where most homes that are pre-filtered here would meet 80% of their criteria). This saves time for the buyers in their search process, and they feel more in control.

I am looking to add to the list, and have a relatively complete list.


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