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California Department of Insurance endorses Title Wizard for rate comparisons

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Title Insurance rates are regulated by most states and their Department of Insurance departments.

A title policy is a title policy, rates are rates and what differentiates a title company is the level of service, support and expertise to close those difficult transactions AND have the financial resources behind them to back up any claim that may be processed.

California's Department of Insurance promotes to the consumer the ability for them to comparison shop for rates.

Commissioner Poizner advises consumers that they have a choice when it comes to which title company to use. Prices can vary and consumers can compare rates on nearly 100 Title insurance companies in California via a Web site like http://www.clta.titlewizard.com/, which utilizes a software-generated system to deliver up-to-date Title rates. Sellers, home buyers, and homeowners looking to refinance their homes will be able to search by zip code and other factors to find the most competitive provider in their area.

Compare the rates AND the service levels offered by your Title Professional and Title Company you work with.

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