A Cheerleader at 40?

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Yes it is true.  I am a cheerleader.  My daughter has been cheerleading for 10 years and three seasons ago we the parents requested our own team.  We practise once a week and more as the competition date approaches.  We competed in 4 competitions this past season. At the Nationals competition, which was held at the Hersey Centre in Mississauga, there were 10 parent teams competing.  Two came all the from Quebec.  It was very exciting.

Cheerleading is a great form of exercise.  You stunt, cheer, tumble, jump and dance.  Our parent team is co-ed.  We also have adult tumbling classes once a week.  I am working on my back-handspring.  I can manage to do it with a spotter.  Not quite on my own.  So if you are looking to try something new and would like to meet great people, look up your local cheerleading gym and join.  You don't have to have experience, you just have to want to have a great time and enjoy struting your stuff in front of a live audience.  

Cheerleading has been popular in the US for many years and it is getting to be very popular here in Canada.  Don't let your age stop you.  After all life begins at 40!


UCC Parent Team

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