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First, and foremost, keep it cozy! A comfortable environment is a must-have for an effective Small Group. We always meet at the host’s home; it helps keep things relaxed and fosters the idea of “working on our businesses, rather than in them.” Boardrooms and offices just don’t measure up to sofas and coffee tables; plus, in a home there are no office interruptions or distractions either! So whatever you do, don’t overlook the environment, it’s one of the main reasons our group thrives!  

Second, show and tell! In our group, we make sharing innovative ideas a regular part of our meetings and offer up everything from Pop-By items, to new books, to organizing tricks! Everyone has a special gift and sharing is one way to develop a stronger sense of community. The smile on the faces of those who share is evidence they’re glad to be included. 

Last, keep it casual! Who needs another “meeting!?” I try and have a written agenda to keep the group focused, but the rules are few. The meeting centers on the assignment, but we always leave time for spontaneous brainstorming. “More is caught than taught,” Brian says, and so it is in Small Groups. The “trick” is to stay on time and respect everyone else’s time. 

I am very lucky because our group has a stable core, with a few new players coming in as some others leave. The old veterans share their years of experience with the rookies and in turn the rookies bring in fresh perspectives and ideas. Remember, the flow in and out keeps things from getting stagnant!

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Renae Fulton
First National Realty - Southaven, MS
I like the concept....I wonder how well this works in the RE world??
May 29, 2007 01:55 PM
Derek Fox
Pacific Property & Financing - San Ramon, CA

I think there should be two different types of group that you should attend. The first group focuses only on "Building a Business By Referrals" aka. Networking group. This group must be very structured and focus on giving and receiving business. There is only one person from each field of business.

The second group would be what is listed above. I like to call it an accountability group. It is a relaxed and focuses on settling goals. You must be comfortable and be able to get creative with your goals and dreams. This group would have less structure. I feel that both groups are very important. The first is getting you new business and the second is making sure you have focus and clear goals!

I am currently running both of the groups that I have mentioned above, so if you are interested in join our groups or starting your own. Please send me a message or give me a call.

May 29, 2007 03:26 PM
Paula Dollard

Derek -

Great post!  I have started a business resource group (with individuals from various professions), an office masterminds group and this type of group is my now next project (a small accountability group).  I would be interested in knowing how you went about choosing agents to join you & any other helpful info.  Are these others from your company, area or another marketplace?

Thank you!


Jan 11, 2009 12:12 PM