Business in Todays Market

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Trinity County Realty Co.

The newspaper is becoming obsolete.  However we still have a generation that doesn't comprehend everything the internet has to offer.  They still want to see their property in the newspaper, even though the internet receives more exposure.

Technology is the future but our client is our "boss".  I just made a decision to close my "storefront" office on Main Street since 1956 and have all agents work out of their homes.  This was a tearfull and hard decision, however agents do not want to take floortime anymore.  The customers are coming from the internet--not walking in off the street like in the good old days when we had one page for the purchase contract and one page of the listing contract!!  I would rather focus my dollars into marketing than line the landlords pockets.

In order to prepare the local population I had to use the newspaper--and the response I am receiving from clients is positive "it only makes sense".  But we still have a few years to go with this generation, they have taught us a lot, our children and grandchildren will be teaching us and will need to be patient.  So we must be patient.

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