Why real estate? Why now?

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Issue #10 May 2009
Why real estate? Why now!

In the midst of this interesting time in real estate, I started wondering why?  Why stay in real estate?  Why now?

The answers were powerful.  I believe to this day that real estate is the great level playing field.  It does not care where you are from, what you do, or who you are.  Real estate offers the same opportunities and pitfalls to everybody.  If it is in your heart to own a home, or a building, or a piece of land good only for holding the world together, it can be yours.  Much of the great wealth of our nation has been built in real estate, and I believe with all my heart that this will be true for generations to come.  Everyday someone finds a new twist to open opportunities up to all.  Fractional shares of lake front properties, auctions for investment properties, and much more.  Want to get out of the corporate rat race?  How about diversifying in to real estate?  Find partners in a commercial venture paying out a 9.25% cap, turn a HUD foreclosure into a rental and realize cash flow every month as well as tax benefits in April, put elbow grease in to a fixer-upper and re-sell it(flip) for faster profits.  Careful examination and cost analysis can provide anyone with a passion for real estate, in to their own business owner. 

With more opportunity (listings on the market), the lowest interest rates in history, large tax credits for 1st time home buyers, and highly motivated sellers, history has never seen a more opportune time to jump.  Even though you may not have the cash, there is cash out there ready to lend or those with money willing to partner with ones who can identify and build wealth in partnership.  Feel free to call or contact me with any questions or comments. 

Keller Williams Realty Brokerages Dominate
Annual Industry Surveys
3rd largest company in U.S. the only major franchise to show growth
  AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 19, 2009) -According to two of the industry's most comprehensive annual surveys, Keller Williams Realty brokerages continue to defy the pervasive downturn in the industry by growing and expanding.
RISMedia's Power Broker Report and REAL Trends'  REAL Trends 500 rank the largest residential real estate brokerages in the U.S. based on transaction sides and sales volume. This year, Keller Williams Realty had more brokerages on both lists than any other real estate brand.
In the REAL Trends 500 report, Keller Williams Realty dominated, with its offices comprising more than a quarter of the entire list. Of all the major brands represented in the report, Keller Williams was the only company to boast growth in both number of agents added to its ranks and in total transactions closed.

Home Staging Tips - 13 great ideas
  In today's topsy turvy world of real estate the homes that sell are the ones that are priced according to absorbtion rate analysis and are well staged!  Check out these great ideas on preparing your listings......... More.........
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