Van Zandt County Canton Texas chain of Title

Real Estate Agent

Your REALTOR® is a wealth of information and protection for your real estate transaction. Some people complain about "how much REALTORS® make". When you have done a transaction on your own from an owner finance or a By owner you take the risk of the transaction coming back in the future to make your life less than happy. The owners are eager to put a lien on a property they finance but are less than enthusiastic about a release when the property is paid off. When you go to sell the property, there will be a clouded title due to additional liens on the property even though they may have been paid off according to the terms of the lien. if the lien holder is still alive and the spouse is still alive you should still be in good shape. My goodness it can get sticky if the spouse has died and heaven forbid if there has been a divorce. To avoid the pit falls of Chain of title, consult your REALTOR® and follow the recommendations of that trusted professional.  

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