Fresh Approach to Paying Off the American Dream

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My mission is to make a significant change with mortgage mindset. Somewhere along the way it became acceptable to pay three times of what is borrowed for a mortgage. Why? What if I told you, buyers can start building equity and paying towards principal from their first mortgage payment. The Money Merge systems have the potential to totally change the way we pay off the American dream. Sellers can offer a unique selling incentive in the MLS remarks, "seller will provide buyer MMA Program that builds equity and pays towards principal from the first mortgage payment." Seller is not required to pay any upfront cost and fee can be paid at the time closing. Depending on the buyers financial circumstances they can conceivably widdle down a 30 year mortgage and pay it off in less than 12 years, canceling ten of thousand of dollars in mortgage interest. If you ask me, it's a no brainer. Wondering how it works? The "test drive demo" shows and tells all!