Ask the Title Guy - How do I make sure that my closing is wired? Part 2

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Hey Title Guy!Beginning July 1, 2009 the logistics surrounding many Indiana real estate closings will become even more complicated. House Enrolled Act 1374 effectively requires that most funds received by a title company or settlement agent for a closing be wire transferred. Cashier's and certified checks will only be acceptable for amounts under $10,000. The Indiana Department of Insurance is the responsible agency for monitoring compliance with the law. Title agents that ignore this law risk licensing actions by the DOI.

The biggest concern my clients express is that complying with the new law will result in even more delayed closings. There are a lot of reasons why closings get delayed. Right now the most common reason is that the lender is unable to meet the scheduled closing date. Lately, about twenty-five percent of our closings are being rescheduled at the last minute due to loan approval issues. Until we have the lender's closing instructions and their approval of the HUD-1, we are unable to provide a firm figure to the buyers. And without a firm figure, the buyer of course, cannot initiate a wire transfer of funds. 

Here's a suggestion for avoiding a wire transfer induced delay. It won't work in all situations, but you may find it helpful. 

If there are two or more buyers they can each provide a cashier's check and avoid the wire transfer requirement if each of their respective shares of the funds needed for closing is less than $10,000. For example, if two buyers need $16,000 to close, each one can provide a cashier's check for $8,000. (I don't even think that it needs to be separate checks.) 

Be sure to check with your title company or settlement agent and make sure that this suggestion is acceptable to them. 

If the buyers each need more than $10,000 to close I strongly suggest that they wait to initiate their wire transfer until the exact amount is known. The law makes no provisions for providing some of the funds as wire transfers and some funds as cashier's or certified checks if more than $10,000 per party is needed. In my opinion requiring buyers to make two wire transfers is worse than waiting until you have an exact number. 

My next post will address how what time you schedule your closings for will help or hurt your chances for an on time closing

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