Surprising Encounters at State Park in Osage Beach

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You just never know who you’ll run into!

I stopped by the State Park in Osage Beach the other day to eat my lunch and to enjoy the sun - which had been more than a little elusive these past few weeks.  Pulling up to one of the picnic tables I heard something rumbling around inside a trash bin.   Curious,  I softly honked my horn, hoping to stir the animal’s curiosity as well.    Immediately this little character popped up.


He  took a quick look, and then dropped back down into the can to continue his business.    I was so tickled at this encounter  I just sat quietly in the car for a while and readied my camera.   A few more minutes passed and I gave another little honk.   Again he popped up, perhaps a little disgruntled this time,  because after giving me a good long stare he scurried out and back into the trees.    I was a little sorry I had interrupted his meal, but delighted to have snapped this shot.

With camera in hand, I drove around the park and decided to take some more shots.

I remember thinking  that day as I was driving around that the  lake looked more awesome than ever.    But as I was uploading the lake shots I realized that the lake is often as nice as it looks in the photos.   After several days of rain, though, everything tends to look newer and brighter.   Know what I mean?

I’ve edited those shots from the park that day into this one minute slideshow .


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