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How is Your Center of Balance?

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This isn't about my 20 pounds of weight gain in the last four months.  It's not about my shifting proportions, nor is this about my loss of skill in walking in Stilettos (I'm five-foot, nine.  Stilettos are for lodging into targets on the archery field.)

The center of balance that I am talking about is in the life of a real estate agent, as some of you may just be finding out.

Yes, this means that just because you are a real estate agent, doesn't mean you are an expert at multi-tasking or time management.  This is definitely pay-as-you-go, earn-as-you-learn.  Fun, isn't it?

I have spent the last week and a day trying to scrounge up time to get on Active Rain and blog about my favorite subject (besides politics).  Your schedule may just resemble mine:

Drove to back to Maryland from Tennessee (this was not a vacation . . . at least, not for us).

Got home, lugged everything inside from the car trunk, admired my clean kitchen (something my mother doesn't believe in), and fell into bed.

Monday morning, drove to the Prudential office in Harford County to empty my mailbox.  Sifted through that, made some phone calls, caught up with my listing customer, called my partner and got the latest update while I was gone, began scheduling/planning my week.  Drove home only to notice my car was ‘lurching'.  I vowed never to drive that vehicle out of state again.  Went  with my husband to drop the lawn mower off at the church (he is on building and grounds committee and our lawn mower broke down before we could cut our 18-inch high grass). Drove back home in severe thunderstorm.

Tuesday, spent the morning on the computer, trying to catch up on a late assignment for school (yes, I am also an accounting student, bachelors online).  This was because of a template I could not open on my mother's computer in Tennessee.  Got my outline done, opened my brief case and began pulling up tax records on the latest expired listings I had pulled the day before.  Cross searched to make sure they weren't listed as "active".  Drove to the office, made some phone calls, followed up with my Thursday listing appointment, kicked myself for forgetting to take meat out of the freezer for dinner (hahahaha, dinner, Tee-hee!!!), ran into my partner who asked about the listing packet I was supposed to drop off before I left for Tennessee (uh . . . oops, I thought she had done that with HER copies . . . ugh), made copies, Admin assistant was gone for the day.  Went home.  Made dinner, took phone call from mom, took phone call from son, took phone call from sis-in-law, ate dinner (nine-thirty already?!! Get off the phone so I can eat!)  Told husband the car was now stalling.  Purple dialog box begins forming above my head.  Oh . . . and it was my birthday.  Husband bought me roses and Adriatic Lilies, chocolate cake and a card.  Oops . . . no, that was Wednesday.

Wednesday:  It's my birthday.  Husband is cutting grass (at church this time, our yard was finally done after a 10-day free-grow while we were gone) and I am at the office.  I have floor duty and the first call I pick up is a request to show a house that the listing agent is unavailable to show, so I go . . . through another thunderstorm . . . on my birthday . . . only to discover that the "client" that called was actually the buyers agent WITH the client and I ran 20 minutes out of my way . . . IN a thunderstorm . . . ON my birthday . . . when there was no lead for me whatsoever.  Ugh.  I get back home at 9pm to find my husband had gotten me everything I mentioned above.  No cards or calls from:  My mother, my sister, my brother, my father.  I come downstairs to the office to find an email from my father and a dozen or more "facebook" notices from friends wishing me happy birthday . . . but none from my own family.  See if I ever sell THEM a house!

Thursday:  My listing appointment is 11am.  I am in the office at 9am to retrieve the CMA booklet my A.A. had made up for this customer.  I get a call from my partner who tells me she will meet me at the clients house and "how do I get there again?"  With minutes to spare before I have to leave to arrive THERE on time, the A.A. completes the CMA booklet, and I run out the door.  I drive 30 minutes to the lovely, rural, northern Harford County of Maryland.  I get there on time.  Partner does not.  Doesn't matter.  We chat since this customer goes to my church.  The husband isn't there.  I know we are getting nothing signed on this day.  Still, after my partner leaves, I stay and talk for another two hours, she feeds me pizza because . . . she goes to my church.  I get home, bummed and phone calls start flying in because between the admin assistant, my partner, myself, our customer and a buyer, we are trying to nail down a confirmed appointment.  I love this activity.  But it ultimately amounts to nothing as the "rude" buyer's agent never brings the buyers into the house.  Grrrrr!   My customer is irate with me.   She should have been gone, with the kids and the big dog, but since the buyer's agent arrived 45 minutes early, the dog was there to greet them.  Guess it's my fault.  Oh well.  I blame Obama (just because I can, LOL).

Friday:  Oh yes!  That pesky end of the semester project is due . . . TODAY!  And since I wasted all day yesterday doing my job, they wanted no excuses.  Project due by 5pm.  I hadn't even started anything but the title page.  Somehow, I finished it.  Focus, determination and the sheer desire to get that monkey off my shoulders.  I sent in the revised, late outline and the project at the same time, at 2:35pm.  I drove to the office to meet my partner, went over and submitted two listing packets to the admin. assistant.  Called my husband and told him the car stalled three times while I was driving over there.  I left my cell phone at home (I have GOT to stop DOING THAT!) so I told him I would call before I left.  If I wasn't home 20 minutes after that, come get me.  Spent three hours with my partner going over a buyers contract, discussed the marketing for the new listing I just submitted (two open houses to schedule for it) and got home at 9:20pm . . . to start dinner.  Talked to son, other son, sis-in-law on the phone and a dinner that late at night?  You know why we are now back to my changing center of balance and the 20 pounds.

Welcome to Real Estate Life.  If it weren't so much fun, it might be a job!