What in the World is going on with Facebook?

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We have heard a lot about Facebook this week and viruses, we were wondering what is going on?

It doesn't matter what age you are, someone is out there, has already planned a scheme to take your money by any means necessary. Even the tech savvy internet folks who are communicating through social networks are in trouble. Something that started on the premise that folks can communicate with each other by internet has turned into a nightmare. You can gain friends by the same profession as yourself, even let people learn to trust you to do some business together are some of the benefits of social networks. You can also find long, lost acquaintance(s), family and so on. So now you can stay in communication with them. You can share photos, share laughs and triumphs with each other.

AARP has an article in the June 2009 AARP Bulletin, page 16 about Hackers joining social networks and really doing harm to some folks. The article is written by Sid Kirchheimer, who is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life. (AARP Books/Sterling)

Yes, we are in that age bracket, but it wouldn't do any hackers any good to try to figure out our age because if you tried to steal our identity, you would send all the information you gained back to us. You may even say: "Hey, we have some scams you can try and get some money for yourselves!"

We're in that group of Realtors® that are struggling to hang in there. We came in at the end of the fast-moving high market and needless to say, we were not a part of those who had saved for the bad times. Therefore if you haven't money saved up to go into real estate, it is shocking the expenses required to get just one person started. The guesstimate is you need $6000 to start, so double that figure and we were in trouble from the start.

This all goes to say: Hackers beware of us, our identity will hurt you. (Sometimes, I crack my own self up) You can't get money from our friends because they don't have any either. With the market as bad as it is now, our deals are going as long as six months or more and they still haven't closed, yet. You see our Facebook is for Realtors®, Sellers, Buyers, Renters who we can communicate and share information. Maybe send some referrals out their way, if we have clients moving there and stuff like that. We're just giving you a fair warning: "HELP, WE ARE IN TROUBLE AND WE NEED MONEY FROM YOU HACKERS!"


You see, what these hackers are doing is:

1. Taking private information from a person's Facebook profile and any information they can find in comments from friends and impersonating the person.

2. They close off your account and if you have a mate and there's information on the comments that you share with each other, her account will be attacked as well.

3. Change the passwords, so the person cannot communicate to their friends: "Hey, some folks have closed our accounts, so that we cannot say to you - be careful. Don't answer anything that comes from us because it has been hacked."

4. Then the Hackers put a message: "YOUR FRIEND IS IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!"

5. The Hackers have enough information about you to make your friend say to him/herself: "I got your back."

6.You as a friend don't know, you think this is for REAL. You'll definitely come to the aid of your friend that's without money in another country. What are friends for?

This is where the virus comes in by downloading a program that these criminals can imitate your keystrokes. Once they have access to your computer, when you come online, they can gather all sorts of information. We have a virus protection program that instantly tells us if someone has a cookie on our machine that is trying to communicate with some unknown program from who knows where. You can click and stop it in its' tracks.

And listen to this, there's a virus spelled Facebook backwards is Koobecaf that attacks your computer with a deadly infection when you very innocently click on a video link as many of us do. It gets all of your personal information and then tries to fake you out of money. Now, you know someone was thinking this up while we were sleeping.

Now, here is where we have a problem with the figures that a spokesman for Facebook related. It is less than 1% of the 200 million users that encounter "security issues" over a number of years. That sounds really small when it is put like that, so-o-o say-ay-ay, we were in that 1%, this means that a total of 20,000 folks have had "security issues." And say-ay-ay that your "security issue" involved being defrauded of, oh let's say, $1200.00, does that hurt you in your pocketbook where you definitely had other uses for that money? Or say-ay-ay, your friend, who hasn't done anything to anyone, who innocently is conned out of say $1200, that you both are in such small numbers, we, that is to say a spokesman for Facebook intimated that they are doing great to the 1,980,000 who didn't get duped. We don't know about you, 20,000 people. Well 20,000 people are still a lot of people in our book. Just one person is the only one that has "security issues" is one too many to us.



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