St. Louis Real Estate-Market Watch June 13th, 2009

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The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week continues with great activity and enthusiasm.  However, over the last two weeks, a "monkey wrench" of sorts has been thrown into the mix for a lot of homebuyers and current homeowners who are planning to re-finance their mortgage.

Mortgage rates for the last two weeks have been going up, and now are at their highest level since Thanksgiving last year.  WHOA!! How did this happen, you ask? 

There are lots of theories out there, from less Federal involvment in the mortgage industry; increased buyer activity has made lenders over-confident of what's really hapening ; and  homeowners who are re-financing through the "Makeing Homes Affordable" programs aren't able to if their current loan has mortgage insurance. 

Holden Lewis, who writes for has contributed two good articles on this subject last week entitled, " Mortage rates hit 6-month high" and "Rates


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