Relay for Life: A Communities Success Story

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It was May 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm I was rushing to Beech Lake Park for Henderson County Annual Relay for Life. I had been rushing around all day, errands and baking desserts I finally got a shower and on my way.

Relay for Life CB McKee Realty Team


When I arrived at the park it was full of teams, tents and aroma. Shirley, Keith and Tommy did a fabulous job at setting up our booth. Kathy from Meo Mio's Cajun Restaurant was there with Red Beans and Rice and Gumbo. We sold chances for a house with no attached mortgage, insurance or taxes (some think it's on the small side), we also had a table of  items for chance including a remote control car, solar yard lights, purses, local business gift certificates just to name a few. We were very successful with these raising money for Relay.



Co Host Shirley Relay for Life 2009


Shirley, (my broker), who is a breast cancer surviver was Co-Host this year and was interviewed by the local news about the success Henderson County has with Relay for Life. Her sister wrote a beautiful poem that was read in honor of Shirley and her time of fighting this horrible disease. 


Since last year was our first year somethings got past me that I noticed this year;

  • First off the "Survivors Walk" which was very eye opening to see the people in my community, this really put a face on cancer for me. 
  • Second was the "Memory Walk" which everything in the park gets shut down, (lights/generators) the luminaries on the path around the circumference of teams are lit and all that want to walk in honor or memory do. It was much more emotional for me than I realized since we lost my husbands brother to cancer last year. 
  • Listening to more speakers of how cancer has effected so many lives.
  • Lastly I did not know the reason for Relay all nighters was because "Cancer does not sleep so neither will we for one night".

Another fun team is the Henderson County Sheriffs Dept. who bring out their Paddy Wagon, arrest people (for a fee) and they have to, of coarse, pay to get out!Keith Arrested

I have made it a tradition at Relay to fall  ;-) .... Last year I was racing across the park to the stage for a "get here first" contest, hit a low spot and down I went! How, How embarrassing! Oh well thats me, so this year I verbally confessed NO running across the park no matter what the prize........low n behold  I was trying to get a better picture of survivor balloon release, stand on a chair right? Wrong~me and three chairs on the ground, and there go the balloons with no picture!

All in All, another successful year for us, Coldwell Banker McKee Realty won the "Most Spirited Team"!!! And success for Henderson County Relay for Life ~~~~~ over $100,000.00 raised by a rural county in Tennessee. Many people have worked very hard for 2009 and many have already started 2010! I know we have already bounced around ideas for the Coldwell Banker McKee Realty Relay for Life Team.

If you have ideas and suggestions I would love to hear them, we're on a mission to put cancer out for a long night of sleep.

 If you haven't already joined a community project I would encourage you to find something your interested in and jump in with both feet. There are many worthy causes that bring people and communities together.

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