50 Years- ReConnecting with Nature- a Tribute to Dr. Mike Cohen

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Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, June, 2009
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Over 20 years ago I had the good fortune to meet and begin working with and learning from Dr. Mike Cohen.

But Dr. Mike Cohen had been an educator and leader in the field of sustainable innovation long before I met him. In fact,  this summer we celebrate 50 yearsof a program he founded and still directs, ECHN. UNESCO approved, this sensory art and science curriculum educating, counseling and healing with Nature (ECHN), from Project NatureConnect includes advanced degrees at Akamai and Portland State Universities .

Dr. Mike CohenIn those 50 years, and in the 20 years I have known and respected Dr. Cohen, ECHN has conclusively demonstrated  three things:

1) that the process actually enables participants to interlace their thinking with nature's renewing and regenerative ways and that this produces very positive results

2) that, at the same time, this process successfully enlistis nature's grace to help support mindfulness so that participants again benefit in most positive ways

3) that those who work within the program are rewarded with wellness and peaceful balance


Pretty impressive wouldn't you say? Possibly something every real estate professional and our clients can appreciate...whether we are in Asheville, NC or Anchorage....  My hat is off to Dr. Michael Cohen. He created and continues to steward ECHN ...50 years of nature's self-correcting powers to address the source of personal and community challenges. 50 years of  energizing individuals and communities. This is sustainable innovation in action...

Resource: Website   www.ecopsych.com


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Eric Villaverde
DoubleTree Home Inspection Services L.L.C. - Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for sharing this information with me. I love looking at homes.

Jun 15, 2009 01:41 AM
Mary Yonkers
Alan Kells School of Real Estate/Howard Hanna Real Estate - Erie, PA
Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor

janeAnne--Dr. Cohen sounds like someone I would have enjoyed knowing.  Thanks for sharing him with AR

Jun 15, 2009 02:50 AM
CONTACT janeAnne365@gmail.com


Indeed. Dr. Mike Cohen is a most remarkable person...and generous. (see next comment)

Jun 15, 2009 05:03 AM
CONTACT janeAnne365@gmail.com


this tribute contains HAIKU verses from many of Dr. Cohen's admirers...including janeAnne =)

From Allison~ Another opportunity to get out and dust off the beautiful haikus written years ago to celebrate one of your milestone birthdays, Mike. They capture the essence of what your program has meant to a handful of the hundreds of participants whose lives you have touched with your
Life-enhancing process, so I thought they'd be appropriate to share again on this special anniversary. Ha, and if your memory is like mine, they'll all seem new. More haikus are welcome, too, if anyone feels attracted to add to the collection in honor of this amazing anniversary.

And Mike, in addition to the recycled appreciations, I want to say again that your reconnecting to nature process has profoundly shifted my experience of life--and my most meaningful, joyous, deeply fulfilled moments have been while consciously connecting to NIAL through the process
you started developing 50 years ago. It is really hard to express the depth of my appreciation.

Webhugs now and always,
Allison (haikus below)

Senses connecting
Gentle guiding light of Truth
Lessons in loving

Thank you, Mike
Ellen Baskerville

angels and humans
dance to your spirited songs
full of heartfelt thanks
may your songs resonate strong and sweet forever, my
dear friend.
Love Kacy

here's one from India:

in sky beyond blue
a Himalayan mountain
spirit in the air

With love,
Janet Thomas

Nature-connecting for Mike:
"Green in green" knowing
That Mother Earth loves him too.

Best Wishes from Mark
Nature is the whole.
We are a part of the whole,
A small searching part.

Jan Goldfield
An island minstral
Touching souls with his insights
Where will they blossom?

Gerry Eitner

Michael Cohen's Gift
Brings Us Back to Nature's Ways,
A Living Thoreau.
   from Sarah Edwards

Nature moves so free
Flying things and running things    
Mike unplanted me
   from Theresa Sweeney

Locked up in buildings,
Suffering separate lives.
Connect with nature!
   Gaia Davies

pulse of life is Us
moon sun earth universe All
be the song of life
   from Marlow Shami

you are a wild bird
flying upside down and more
gathering rainbows
    from janeAnne Narrin in Asheville

Attractive birth day
Ocean be twixt slips a way quick
Mag net ic minds sing
   Ginna Carruthers

Magnificent redwood giants
I stand before you in awe
Your strength & beauty is my healing balm.
   Kelly French

Coyote Trickster
Sharing laughter and wisdom
He shines bright with love
   from Ann

Nature connections
Ocean, mountain, tree, cloud, sky,
Peace and harmony.
   Janeanne Jeffries

He entered my life
Whispering upon the wind
And I remembered
   Carole Keene

Dia de fiesta y celebracion,
toda la Naturaleza se regocija
cheers y gracias al Dr. Cohen 
   Maira Rodriguez

(English Translated Version from Chinese)
Nature Nurtures Web to Grow
MikeCohen Inspires Wisemen to Grow
PNC in Nature Grows to Grow

            Bonnie Chan

Walking alone feel
Warm whispers, sunlight and wind.
Alone dissipates.
   Lynn Ruoff

Silver mist freezing,
White crystal frost bonds nature.
Ice creatures blossom.
   Carol Biggs, #1

Where is Mike Cohen?
Why, sleeping in the meadow
With dear baby deer.
   Carol Biggs, #2

The Sun Rises
Birthday Surprises
Whispering good wishes
   Barbara Harmony

is it five syllables
or only four
Nature doesn't care
   Dave Paulsen Ewoldt

Concrete sidewalk yields
to new seeds of dew-dropped weeds
flowering through rock.
   Daniel Levine

Vision for us all
Sustaining ecology.
Mike links the way.
   Ken Kastman

Honoring Mike

Rooted in the soil
Reaching out with earth's wisdom
Joyful connections!
   Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou

A life come alive,
Resurrection of senses -
Honey in the heart.

   Marie McLean

(Because of Mike:)

Magic of Being
Experienced through senses--
NIAL-flow awareness.

   Allison Ewoldt

Mike's wordful humor
Rousing Nature with such jest
That teardrops giggle

Blessings, Christina

Mike makes the Connection

Warm wishes Dr. Mike
Tess, in Sunny Miami

Talking in the woods,
Words about wordless NIAL.
Thus a zen Cohen.
John Scull

Plucking our webstrings
Historical singer strums
Of dogs with five legs.
Linda Hill

Golden leaves flying
Rainbow above exploding
Fall's Loving Embrace
Beverly Tice-Deering

To see and to know
Beyond sight and beyond thought
Many thanks to Mike
Jim Sweet

Winds howling stirs me.
NIAL draws me to my senses
Thank you gifted guide.

Patricia Ellen

Attractions abound
Follow them and be guided
Sense NIAL and feel love.

Cheers, Kaisa

winter silver sky
the bay graced with endless life
a man sleeps outside
Janet Thomas

Owls and Howls, language
I never knew that I knew.
Mike, I listen now.
Susan Chernak

Where is Mike Cohen?
Sleeping with stars overhead
with his hat on.

David Givers

thinking outside the box
remove walls of school halls
learn in nature
live outside the box too

Smiles,Cindy Zaccagnini

Attractive birth day
Ocean be twixt slips a way quick
Magnetic minds sing
Ginna Carruthers

Jun 15, 2009 05:06 AM
Mary Yonkers
Alan Kells School of Real Estate/Howard Hanna Real Estate - Erie, PA
Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is an amazing man and you are a good poet.  Have a good day!

Jun 15, 2009 05:15 AM
Matt Listro
National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro - Vernon, CT
Your Credit Repair Expert

Hi JaneAnne: That was a very nice tribute - nice job.


Jun 15, 2009 11:09 AM


I just posted a link to this little tid-bit to my business Facebook page  www.facebook.com/Harmonia-Healing-Arts 

My walk down the PNC path began this past September. The bulk of the coursework at that time was done on a beautiful piece of property in the Big Sandy Mush. I stayed with friends on Robinson cove from October thru mid-December before coming back to PA. It was an incredible and brilliant time for me. Those mountains are holy. With Nature connected thinking as my constant companion I truly experienced the truth, the light, and the way!  

Jul 02, 2010 05:41 AM