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The way your lawn looks can make home buyers turn their head in envy, or in disbelief. Always make sure your lawn is in its best shape when trying to sell your home, CURB APPEAL IS IMPORTANT! Buyers don't want to look at a house and see all the work they will have to put into it to make it homey; they want to envision themselves settling into their new home, not working on it. Here are some tips on how to keep your lawn looking god!

Make your neighbor green with envy!

At Turf Works, we take pride in our level of service. We spend more time on your lawn and do the little things that keep it looking its best.

Lawns are Important

Besides keeping your house from sinking into some dark abyss, your lawn is an important component in our environment. Here are some tips for making your lawn better:

How to Water Your Lawn

Established lawns should be watered deeply, but infrequently. Deep watering once a week encourages deeper root growth, while frequent, shallow watering produces a limited root system. When watering, make sure you moisten the top three to four inches of soil, which covers the root zone. Although watering frequency depends on the type of grass, your soil, and the weather, most grasses require about one inch of water each week for healthy growth.

The best time to water is in the morning. This conserves water that would evaporate if you were to water later in the day, but also allows grass to dry before evening. Grass that remains wet for long periods of time is more susceptible to disease development. If you’re using a movable sprinkler, let it run in one spot just until the water begins to run off the surface, then move to a different area of the lawn. Monitor your underground irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure that you moisten the lawn’s entire root zone without over-watering any sections.

Water the lawn once grass begins to discolor and wilt. If you can’t keep the grass green, water your lawn with at least one-half inch of water every seven to 14 days, which will keep the plants alive even if they are dormant. Once your lawn has turned brown and lost all color during drought dormancy, it will take several weeks of steady watering to spur re-growth from the crown area of the plants.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Here are a few tips on proper mowing technique:

Letting grass grow tall and then removing more than 1/3 of the leaf blade is called "scalping" and can damage the lawn. Mowing grass extremely low can also damage the lawn by cutting into the crowns of the plants.

Make sure your mower blades are sharp in order to cut cleanly. Dull blades can shred grass and cause discoloration at the tips because frayed grass blades lose moisture easily. Sharpen the blades of rotary mowers several times each growing season. Reel type mowers usually only require sharpening once a year, but adjust them to ensure they cut cleanly. Some grass species have tough blades, which causes blades to wear quickly.

Raise the mower height a notch or two when mowing a lawn that's recovering from drought, insect damage or disease.

Recycle grass clippings to reduce water loss, lower soil temperatures, and return nutrients to the soil. Plus, you'll save the trouble of bagging and keep clippings out of our already-clogged landfills. In fact, many communities will no longer accept grass clippings in household trash.

Avoid cutting wet grass, which can cause brown spots because clippings clump together and smother your lawn. Cutting wilted grass, particularly during the hottest part of the day, can also cause severe damage to your lawn.

The best guide for mowing frequency is the growth of your grass. Plan to cut less than one-third of the grass blade in one mowing. During periods of rapid growth, lawns may require mowing as frequently as every three to four days. Of course, sometimes we just don't have time to mow as often as we'd like. If your grass has grown too high, reset your mower to its highest cutting level. Three or four days later, reset the mower to cut at the normal height and mow your grass again.

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