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June 13, 2009

This has nothing to do with real estate.  Nothing to do with Door County, Wisconsin.  Nothing to do with homes, condominiums, vacant land, shore properties, the waters of Green Bay, or any real estate for sale in Door County or anywhere else.  Nothing to do with Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim, Sister Bay, Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, Baileys Harbor, or Jacksonport, Wisconsin.

I wish I could figure out how to post photos on this blog.  I've tried repeatedly, but only end up with boxes with an "X" in them where the photo should be.  I'd love to post some of the photos I've taken of the spring flowers which were especially beautiful this year.  In many areas, the forest floor was a solid white carpet of trillium, the lilacs flourished, and one crabapple tree in the yard here at my office was a solid ball of white blossoms.  We have a chestnut tree that looks like it is covered with candles.  If you've never seen that particular tree, the blossoms are Christmas tree-shaped stalks about a foot high covered with small orchid-like white flowers.  You can pick one, put it in a vase, and have an instant flower arrangement! 

Well, if anyone can tell enlighten me as to how to post photos, I'd welcome the help

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