Myrtle Beach Mortgage Rates...are You Seriously Still Waiting?

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Chart: Freddie Mac 30-Yr Fixed Rates

The above chart provided by: Tim Lane | Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist | Crescent Bank | (p) 843-222-8574 | (f) 843-429-2429

I know this is kinda a dramatic illustration, and we are not trying to incite panic, but aren't you tired of waiting?  I mean seriously...even now rates are still under 6% but for how much longer?  Do you want to take that chance?  We classify rates are at "historic lows" when they are under 6% for the most part, but we as humans get sooo greedy.  I mean, we were all waiting (now be honest) for rates to go under that 3.99% or lower #.  But if they had, would you really have moved?  Some would, but most would say "oh, they will go lower"...when will the madness end?  Find the deal or property best for you and pursue because it is what you want or need,...don't rely on the economists or media telling you your wrong, because if it is meant for you, if it is your "perfect property", how can they telly ou your wrong?

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