Emer's Guide to Energy Saving Programs in Winnipeg

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Hello Winnipeg homeowners!

Here at casaGURU we're big fans of green in both senses of the word: we’re strong supporters of making homes more energy efficient AND of helping our community of homeowners save money. There are many ways you can do both at the same time!

However, with the amount of energy saving rebates and grants available from a variety of sources, finding and applying for them can seem daunting. So, that's why I’ve compiled an easy to follow list of energy savings specifically for homeowners in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Be sure to check out the variety of geothermal incentives available.

I’ve done the research for you, so below are ways to help you save! It’s been broken into categories that will hopefully be easy to navigate.


Go to casaGURU.com to start saving now!


emer energy savings guide

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