Distressed Property--Great Deal, but how to own with Multiple Investors. Co-Investment Structure

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The news is everywhere: NOW is the time to buy distressed investment property.  Very often these properties, or portfolios, are too large for a single investor.  How often have you thought, "This is the perfect situation for a group of buyers to combine their investment," and "I wonder how I could set that up?"

1031x.com now offers Co-Investment Structure Service.  

We can setup the documents and resources you need to create this investment vehicle. 

Our new ownership structure allows you to:

  • own a fractional  interest in the property without capital contribution
  • receive current income while managing the property 
  • receive a commission when the property is bought or sold
  • comply with all securities and tax regulations. 


It minimizes the administrative hassle of pooled investment while maximizing the tax benefits.   Upon ultimate sale, each investor is 1031 Tax Exchange eligible . 

Currently, Investors are holding onto cash at low interests rates.  If you can find the right investment opportunity we can give you the structure to get it done.  

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