An Officer and a Gentleman (or Woman)

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officer I got nothing else!  It's been some time since I've seen Richard Gere win Debra Winger over and prove to Louis Gossett Jr. that he wasn't some sniveling little punk.  It seems to me that finding a a good loan officer is equally as challenging these days.  We're a small company of 6 full-timers in the mortgage industry and for the past 6 months our search for mortgage consultants has been our own version of a Dan Brown novel: A lot of looking but not a ton of finding.

Right off the bat, we haven't advertised or posted a position.  No Craigslist,, local paper.  We haven't run a table at the local Bradenton/Sarasota job fair.  But we have had 3 promising prospects walk through our doors and like what they saw.  Business cards, laptops, a plan to conquer the world one loan at a time, a full-doc gleam in their eye.  They were professing their love of Blue Skye Lending and knew that NOW is the time to position yourself as the lending expert in our local market.

And then, they didn't show up for 3 weeks.  Oh, something "more stable" came along.  Come to find out, finding a loan officer and a gentleman/woman is a little tougher than it would seem.  Overcoming the obstacles of offering someone a straight commission position with no guarantee or draw option is quite a task.  And mortgages are just plain tougher to get done these days; you actually have to be a good salesperson and not just an order-taker.

So how are you finding A Few Good Men?  If you have any suggestions, please let me know as we are looking to grow our company in the next 30-90 days.  Appreciate your advice my fellow officer and love lift us up where we belong!

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