HR 1728 is an Infringment on Personal Property Rights

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Have you heard?  Because of the recent disasters in the US economy and in the number of rising foreclosures, the US Government is attempting to eliminate personal property rights for American citizens.  This is absolutely an abomination of what makes America great: the ability to own your home and property in general.

Basically HR 1728 is trying to instill some uniformity in mortgage lending and to establish more consumer protection.  However, what it really does is eliminate homeowner ability to control the way the want to sell their home.  If this bill is passed, it could do the following things:

1. Make owner carry financing, wrap around mortages, and private money lending illegal.

2. Require that homeowners become licensed real estate agents and mortgage brokers to sell their own home

3. The Government can take your home if you are in default or at RISK of default.

4. Extremely strict and rigid rules and regulations of every real estate transaction.

I havent even begun to scratch the surface of all the negative impacts of this bill.  I won't write too many things about it because it would turn into an entire 15 page essay.  All I can say is that I am afraid, very afraid of what could happen if this bill passes.  What is also scary is that the bill already passed in the House in a record 3 days!  What is the true agenda of this bill if Congress is so eager to pass it in 3 days??  My thoughts are certainly not the personal property rights of US citizens, otherwise they would have taken a bit more time and care in the contents of the bill.


I urge you to contact your US Senator and tell them to vote NO on HR 1728.  Our property rights depend on it!


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As with other past legislation, it would appear that HR 1728 serves as yet another example of the left's attempt to virtually remove personal liberties from American citizens. In contrast to their message of free-choice and open-mindedness, the liberal agenda is making every attempt to usurp our natural constitutional rights.

Keep up the work of letting the public know what is going on - People like you help maintain the transparency that our president has failed to stand for.  



Jun 17, 2009 11:07 AM
Lee Ali
Las Americas Real Estate - Fairfield, CT
I have a niche client base that insists on 0% financing for purchase. According to Census 2000, 33% of owner-occupied houses were "free and clear" which is about 30-40 million houses, depending upon whose estimate you use.

Most of these sellers are 52 years-old and above.

HR1728 has built-in age discrimination. Even though writing to senators will get some attention, it is not going to do much good in terms changing the language.

This is what will work.

- Find at least one 55+ owner in each state who has one or more "free and clear" properties and wants to sell. If you cannot find them in each state, then find a few in CA, TX, FL, NY, IL, PA, VA, etc., where most of the American population lives.

- Get him/her to lodge a discrimination complaint with their states' departments which handle age-based discrimination. For example, in Connecticut you they would contact Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

- Let the attorneys on states' payrolls fight the silliness in HR 1728.

Also, get AARP involved. This article may be relevant to educate people in the pervasiveness of age-based discrimination in America.

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Jun 20, 2009 04:15 AM