Bradley County Tennessee Home Sales Report - May 2009

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Bradley County Tennessee Home Sales Report - May 2009
Average List Price $131,728
Average Sold Price $125,652
Average Days On The Market (DOM) 149
Total Number Of Homes Sold 67
Total Dollars Value Of Homes Sold $8,418,725
Homes Currently For Sale 808
Bradley County Tennessee Home Sales Report - April 2008
Average List Price $154,638
Average Sold Price $150,288
Average Says On The Market (DOM) 131
Total Number Of Homes Sold 93
Total Dollar Value Of Homes Sold $13,976,840
Summary: This month is 39.8% worse than last year in terms of dollars or real estate sold and 28% worse as far as the number of homes sold. The are no bright spots in this report worth talking about. What does this mean to you? Price it right and low than the market to get it sold and get attention in the crowd! This is not the time to play with the market just get your home sold. Remember that for every 1% that the interest rates go up your home becaomes on average 9-10% less affordable for the buy who has a mortgage and thus puts presure on you to need to reduce the price. Interest rates have already jumped up in the last 2 weeks so now is the time to sell before further increases and higher gas prices put addition brakes on any life returning to the markets. The big question most sellers forget to take into account is what it will cost me not to accept the offer? Really make sure your house available for every showing possible! Buyers the interest rates are going to go up and probably substantially which will largely erase any gains you think you might get by waiting for the market to adjust down more. Be sure to take advantage of the up to $8000 first time home buyer tax credit when buying as it does not have to be paid back unless you sell in the first three years. Don't forget to take all the factors in to consideration as price is only one of the pieces in the affordability puzzle. If you are interested in selling your property or are looking for a good deal to buy then just give me a call. Craig Harding RE/MAX Rivergate in Ocoee TN 423-338-7300 or Direct at 423-650-4422

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