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So I seem to be on a lawn kick today, perhaps I can blame the beautiful weather Toronto's had this fine day. I found another good article that helps one achieve a garden with gorgeouse grass.

Here's an excerpt:

"When envisioning the perfect home, so many of us immediately picture a pristine outdoors where health and happiness for our family is secured behind green and gently rolling lawns. Hard work and perseverance can provide so much, but the constant demands of lawn care are often more than any of us can afford.

The time to cut and weed, fertilize, water, rake, and than repeat every step again next week - and sometimes all for naught as a single hot week can instantly turn our hard work into a crisped brown Sahara. But no more, with the new state of the art approach from AGL Artificial Grass and Mulch, you can soon achieve your dreams and find your family surrounded by lasting beauty for a lifetime to come..."


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Lisa McIntee
The Staging Professionals - Saint Catharines, ON
The Staging Professionals

I just saw the new AGL turf installed again today for one of my "Staging To Live" looks fabulous from far, up close I feel it is extremely shiny (my personal opinion)!!  I am debating taking this route for my home, the prices have come down quite a bit since I last received my quote 3 years ago but still unsure if I want the look of a laminated lawn for thousands of dollars.  However, I think its a fabulous feature of all homes - maintenance free grass!!

I wish they offered different sheens like paint suppliers do then I would definately be sold on it!

For now, I will stick with my turf paint!

Jun 22, 2009 04:14 PM